Bartosz Mikulski - MLOps Engineer

Who are you?

I’m Bartosz Mikulski - MLOps engineer by day, DevRel Engineer and content writer by night.

I’ve been blogging about data science, machine learning, and software craft since 2017. I contributed one chapter to the book 97 Things Every Data Engineer Should Know. I’ve been a speaker at various conferences and meetups.

What are you doing?

  • I specialize in data engineering and MLOps on AWS
  • I teach programming workshops at
  • I help data startups with content marketing and developer relations

Can I hire you?


Are you looking for a freelance content writer for a data startup? Send me an email. I may still have time for another client.

Do you want to hire a full-time data engineer or an MLOps engineer who can develop quality software, lead a team, teach programmers, and write marketing content? I’m not looking for a new job. However, I’d love to talk to you if you build an extraordinary product or service.

BTW. Remote work only. I’m not interested in wasting my time commuting. “Hybrid” and “Remote until XYZ ends” are not remote ;)

How to contact you?

You can find me on social media (links below) or send me an email: blog (here is the “at” symbol)

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