Bartosz Mikulski
Bartosz Mikulski * data/machine learning engineer * conference speaker * co-founder of Software Craft Poznan & Poznan Scala User Group


If you want to invite me to speak at your event, send me a message on LinkedIn or Twitter.


  • DataNatives - I put a carnivorous plant on the Internet of Things to save its life (Berlin, Germany, 2019)
    LambdaDays - Scala superpowers: effortless domain driven design (Kraków, Poland, 2019)
    YouTube: https://youtu.be/1Xb4NY9zxQg
  • InfoMEET - Data team – from zero to the first success (Katowice, Poland, 2017)
  • InfoMEET - SOLID principles (Katowice, Poland, 2016)
  • Careercon - Test driven development myths (Poznan, Poland, 2016)