When we use Serverless, the only distinction between production deployment and the testing environment is the configuration we use during the deployment. Serverless makes it relatively easy by providing the “stage” parameter during deployment.

This article will show how to use the stage argument to pick the correct configuration variables for a given environment.

First, we have to define a few custom variables in the yml file. For every variable, we define two values, one with the “dev” key and one with the “prod” key:

    prod: prod_value
    dev: dev_value

Now, in the environment section of the function configuration, we will extract the correct parameter using the templates two times:

      PARAM: ${self:custom.some_parameter.${opt:stage}}

We see that the templates are nested. The inner one gets the stage parameter from the options when we run the deploy command. After that, the outer template reads the correct value from the custom variables.

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