Scalar 2017

I can either spend next three hours writing a 600-word long text or just quickly write a list of all the talks I liked, download a new dataset from Kaggle and play with it. It is easy to choose, isn’t it? ;)

Talks I liked

Tracing Akka Streams (Raam Rosh Hai)
A great tool! The speaker was probably a little bit afraid of speaking in front of the audience, but it does not matter. His project is exactly what I was looking for.

Real-time anomaly detection made easy (Piotr Guzik)
That was a quick win, I love everything related to data science and machine learning ;)

Machine learning by example — workshop (Michał Matłoka)
It was fun, even though I have not learnt anything new.

Kontextfrei: a new approach to testable Spark applications (Daniel Westheide)
Solves my problem, that is enough for me ;)

Building a real-time auction engine using event sourcing (Alan Johnson)
That is why we attend conferences, to hear a good story, something based on real-life experience.

Carpenters and cartographers (Valentin Kasas)
Selling domain driven design in a very metaphorical way. Also Valentin was not afraid to criticize The Gang of Four and the design patterns. I appreciate that because sometimes I feel we have too much dogma in IT.

Lambda core — hardcore (Jarosław Ratajski)
Pure awesomeness. Wizards, rainbows, unicorns, and lambdas.

The most important thing

For me Scalar was a “combo-breaker”. I was disappointed with the last 3–4 IT conferences I had attended. Usually when someone asked about my opinion, I was saying: “If I had bought the ticket with my own money, I would be outraged”.

Scalar is different. I highly recommend attending the next edition.

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