Currently, the blog has over 20000 unique users every month (during the last 30 days, 24000 people visited the website).

Right now, I am looking for companies which would like to become a partner of the blog. The partner company gets the following benefits:

  1. The company logo next to the blog title with information about the partnership.
  2. One sponsored article (per month) about your product or service (up to 800 words).
  3. During the partnership, I continue publishing at least two data science-related articles every week which should bring even more traffic to the blog.
  4. You can publish on my blog up to two articles (per month) written by you or your employees (about data science, data engineering, or data-driven product development; up to 800 words).
  5. I can organize a 3-hour long meetup sponsored by you and write an article about the event and the meeting's topic. Obviously, I will share the information that you were the sponsor (both during the meeting and in the article)

If you are interested in such cooperation, send me a message on LinkedIn or Twitter.